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Over on YouTube there’s a channel where you can find an 11 year-old boy named KOBZEV MAKSIM (aka Maksim Kobzev) shredding away on dozens of songs from OZZY OSBOURNE, TWISTED SISTER, DIO, HELLOWEEN, BILLY TALENT, and EXODUS. What appears to be his favorite is the music of ZAKK WYLDE, specifically anything by BLACK LABEL SOCIETY. Now, these play-alongs aren’t perfect, but they’re quite good. BLS caught on this morning and sent a little Facebook love his way, so I’m helping to take that a step further. Check out Bleed For Me and Stillborn below, then hit this link for more.

It looks like this kid is rocking a CORT GUITAR (can’t tell the model) through one of the retired PEAVEY 5150 Eddie Van Halen half stacks.


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