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About a year ago, my girls got their first LITE-BRITE, which on the surface, I would’ve called “an upgrade” from the classic toy that Hasbro has been marketing in one form or another since 1967, if only because it borrowed styling from the iPad and called itself the “Lite-Brite LED Flatscreen.” Thing is, while the nostalgia factor was certainly there, the version was clumsy, not as bright as it’s old-school counterpart (remember the, big hot light bulb inside?), and the pegs were meant to fit within a flip-open storage tray at the bottom of the unit… one that didn’t really fit all the included pegs, and to be stored in it’s box, had to be folded flat – thus dumping the pegs. There were design issues (Amazon reviews have not been kind), but at it’s core was the peg fun that generations have enjoyed, complete with black paper designs that were essentially use-once-then-toss, but as in the past – we kept them and made them work more than once. Fast-forward a year and the Lite-Brite has received a true upgrade, and what it appears to have taken is some fresh eyes on the project, these courtesy of Basic Fun, who have licensed the Lite-Brite brand from Hasbro and have run with it, sending us for review their first incarnation – The LITE-BRITE MAGIC SCREEN.


Zeroing in on modern kids by retaining some of that last-generation Hasbro design inspiration on the “tablet” note, the new version has cleaner lines and just feels better when you hold it. The storage tray is removable, and comfortably fits all the included pegs. By being flat on all sides, the design possibilities are greater (portrait vs. landscape).

For the first time ever, the Lite-Brite templates are reusable! Color-coded and pre-punched (no mess), they easily attach to the screen, and that’s where the “magic” happens. Instead of being a grid filled with open holes that are only blocked by the paper template, the Magic Screen is essentially “self-healing” and allows light to shine through only when a peg is inserted. And the pegs? They got an upgrade, too – with the basic round pegs now accompanied by square ones and even fun shapes like wheels and animals.


Rock Father Approved!In an age where digital entertainment is taking far too much priority for the little ones, it’s always great to see how the classic toys still hold their ground, even when taking cues from the tech that now surrounds them. Lite-Brite is one of those things that should be around forever.

Rock Father-Approved!

Plus, my Lite-Brite skills are pretty impressive, right?



The Lite-Brite Magic Screen is shipping to retailers now, and is also available via (my associates) Amazon and Entertainment Earth.


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