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The Legend of the Lucky Charms

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Presented in collaboration between The Rock Father™ and General Mills #LuckyCharms

When it comes to the world of breakfast cereal, the halls of General Mills are legendary. Within the sacred confines of this breakfast behemoth lies secrets that children and families have been trying to unlock for decades (like where Sir Grapefellow and Yummy Mummy are hiding). Behind each door, a pathway opens to incredible new worlds inhabited by mythical creatures,iconic monsters and colorful characters each of whom have played a vital part in creating memorable breakfast experiences for generations.

Looking beyond those doors and off to the horizon, each rainbow brings with it a bit of magic – the prospect of what treasures might lie at the end of each one. Is the “pot o’ gold” a literal pot, or is that a metaphor for a bowl of the “magically delicious” Lucky Charms — frost toasted oat cereal with marshmallows — presented by Lucky the Leprechaun with a playful smile?

Lucky Charms

I remember simpler times growing up — an era before smart “devices” and entertainment on-demand, when waking up in the morning for a bowl of cereal before school or on Saturday morning meant sitting down to enjoy some cartoons as well. Whenever Lucky would appear in commercials to announce the coming of a “limited edition” marshmallow, it was a big deal that all the kids would be talking about.

These days, Lucky Charms brings the breakfast magic with rainbows, pink hearts, shooting stars, hourglasses, clovers, blue moons, balloons, and horseshoes – all complementing those delicious toasted oats.

No matter how fast things tend to move in a world packed with work, school, countless activities (we’ve had everything from ballet and tap to gymnastics, scouting, baseball, theater and most recently, karate), hopefully our kids will one day remember the mornings we’ve shared enjoying breakfast together, munching on cereal like Lucky Charms. Generations have enjoyed it, and something tells me they’ll one day pass the magic on to another one as well.

Follow the rainbow to your local Walmart to pick up your own box of Lucky Charms!

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