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Over the past few years, I’ve written at length about attempting to stay well, especially when juggling multiple plates. My wife and I are always on-the-go, and we, like millions of other parents, are constantly trying to balance our work commitments with our family schedules. My wife works in an office that’s 40 miles from home. That means time on the road each day, and that in itself can add to getting run-down, especially as colder months arrive. I work from home, but travel a few times a month means early mornings, late nights (which can become early mornings) and interacting with a ton of people that we can call “variables” (who knows what germs they harbor!). Put everything together with getting our girls to-and-from school, along with Girl Scouts (Daisies and Brownies), karate, sometimes gymnastics, ballet/tap plus all of their off-shoot playdates, and there’s a lot of people we’re crossing paths with. Being sick puts a damper on all of that, and making connections with others can be a tricky thing when a cold comes on. It’s uncomfortable on so many levels, but a reminder that as we spend most of our lives looking out for the care of others, you can’t do that when you’re not taking care of yourself. It’s no secret that I reach for the Zicam® at the first sign of a cold, but now there’s a new tool in my arsenal: Zicam® Cold Remedy Medicated Fruit Drops.

THE ROCK FATHER - Zicam Las Vegas

Rock Father Mobile HQ: Las Vegas – Zicam® on-hand!

For me, the first sign of a cold tends to be a flutter in my throat paired with some nasal congestion. My wife often spots it before I do, flagging me to get on that. While I’ve long-been a fan of their Nasal Swabs, I’m loving the new Zicam® Medicated Fruit Drops. These homeopathic Drops are unusually delicious, and like other Zicam® products, when taken at the first sign of a cold, they’re clinically-proven to help shorten it. After all, there is no cure for a cold, but with Zicam®, you can “get your better back™” quicker! Plus, if you’re like me and love the Nasal Swabs, you can use Zicam oral and nasal products together.

THE ROCK FATHER - 3am Selfie in Las Vegas

3am Hotel Selfie – Heading back to Illinois for Trick-or-Treat

I recently had a gig in Las Vegas – one that happened to put me in the air and on the road right before Halloween. And by right before, I mean that in order to make it back home for trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, I had to plot an early morning departure from Vegas – heading for the airport around 3am. I had the Zicam® with me in my pack (as always), but it was these new Medicated Fruit Drops.  Zicam doesn’t work instantly, but I know that when taken at the first sign of a cold, I can shorten it, which makes things much better for taking care of who really matters – my family.

THE ROCK DAUGHTERS - Trick-or-Treat 2017

By 1pm I was back in Illinois, roaming the neighborhood with these Trick-or-Treaters!

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