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I’m always hesitant to cover games here at The Rock Father, but that’s one of the luxuries of having a ‘…For Grownups’ section on the site. On the other hand, sometimes it’s easier to throw down some virtual ink in my personal blog, which is what I’m doing right here. Sometimes Daddy needs to shoot some pixels.

I’ve been down with the CALL OF DUTY franchise for a number of years, so when Activision asked me to review last years CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 3, I couldn’t resist. Unfortunately, I felt a little empty after evaluating the game, which led me to post the following sentence to close out the review:

“MODERN WARFARE 3 is still a lot of fun, but here’s hoping that the next installment can bring some sort of innovation back to the franchise to reinvigorate the magic. 

With the announcement of CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS II  yesterday, it would appear that developer Treyarch has perhaps taken my words (and those of a lot of other people) to heart, taking the franchise somewhere that it’s never gone before: The Future.


Personally, I think it looks pretty cool – and I’m looking forward to November 13, 2012. I don’t get a chance to play (much less buy myself) new games these days, but I’m a COD fanboy. I hear rumblings that there’s fresher options out there, yet I’ve been sticking with what works – to a point. BLACK OPS II needs to deliver something good in order to keep me interested. 

By the time it comes out I’ll have a toddler and an infant here again, which means my gameplay will be taking place in the very weeeeee hours of the night. I need to make ’em count.

What do all of YOU think?

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