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For STAR WARS DAY 2014, I’m featuring a handful of STAR WARS-inspired music here on THE ROCK FATHER for your enjoyment and consumption. After all, what other Pop Culture franchise has inspired so many musical homages and parodies? Sure, HARRY POTTER and THE LORD OF THE RINGS are up there, but nothing trumps STAR WARS in the musical inspiration department. Here’s seven STAR WARS-themed pieces of music worth checking out as you celebrate May 4th. May the Fourth Be With You!


Seattle Kindie act THE BOARD OF EDUCATION really should’ve done a video for this one – a song that posits the question, “Why Is Dad So Mad…” about STAR WARS. Have issues with the prequel trilogy? Listen to this, and if you dig it – buy the download direct from the band via BandCamp for a buck.


SUPERNOVA – “Chewbacca” 

One of my favorite bands that should’ve been bigger, most people know “Chewbacca” from it’s appearance in Kevin Smith’s 1994 film, CLERKS. I rocked this out with SUPERNOVA in the basement of a dank rock club in Davenport, Iowa once, while wearing a tinfoil hat. Check out a fan-made video for the song below, then read more about SUPERNOVA in a feature I posted here on THE ROCK FATHER in early 2013.


ASH – “Cantina Band” live at the Astoria 2008

Irish rockers, ASH have a long history with STAR WARS, releasing an album called “1977” (the year the first film was released), and including a cover of John Williams’ “Cantina Band” song on the single for “Girl From Mars.” The fantastic version of the song has become a live favorite, and can be viewed in the 2008 clip below. Bonus: ASH’s song “Clones” from their 2004 MELTDOWN album was included in the STAR WARS video game, REPUBLIC COMMANDO.


THE MORE I SEE – “The Eye That Offends”

In 2013, THE MORE I SEE released their music video for “The Eye That Offends.” I covered it previously here on THE ROCK FATHER, and while the song itself is not STAR WARS-themed, the video was filmed at the iconic filming locations that still exist in Tunisia, aka Tattooine – home of Luke Skywalker and those pesky Jawas.


BLINK-182 – “A New Hope (Princess Leia)”

While they never made an official video for their ode to Carrie Fisher’s most famous alter-ego, plenty of fan-cut clips have emerged over the years, including this one. Crack open the Colt45 with Lando!



I can’t tell you how many times I listened to this song as a kid. The parody of THE KINKS’ “Lola” is classic, and while no official video was made, this fan-made LEGO clip does the trick nicely…


BONUS: “Darth Vader is a Real Cool Guy!” FREE DOWNLOAD

Yes, I’ve posted this one before, but this modern classic that was written, recorded and released in one hour during a Grammy Award ceremony back in 2000-ish ended up making the rounds through the file-sharing realms thanks to an appearance on way back when. Why is it important? It’s ME!


So what’s YOUR favorite STAR WARS-inspired tune?
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